A Request From Rory Kennedy

If we haven’t already been in touch, my name is Rory Kennedy — I’m a director working on a two-part documentary series for HBO about Synanon. Some of my previous films include Emmy-nominated Ethel (HBO), about my mother Ethel Kennedy, Academy-nominated Last Days in Vietnam (PBS), examining the final days of the Vietnam War, and the recent DOWNFALL: The Case Against Boeing (Netflix), investigating the two 737 MAX crashes. If you are interested in viewing any of my previous films, my team is happy to provide you with a link.

Our aim is to give audiences a deeply researched, honest telling of the Synanon community’s history from its inception onward, and we’ve had the honor of interviewing many members over the past few months. We’re also hoping to paint the picture with the help of powerful archival photos and video. Personal archives help us craft a richer documentary, and we would welcome any and all photographs, video, newspaper clippings, documents, etc.

If your materials haven’t been digitized, our team can help ship, scan or convert film to digital, and we can provide you with digital copies of everything when we’re done (none of this will be of any personal cost to you). If they have been digitized, you’re welcome to send them via email, or if you have a large quantity of items, we have some transfer options available.

Alex Korba from my team can help coordinate this process, and is reachable via email (alex@moxiefilms.com) or phone (817.262.2546) if you’d like to connect.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Rory Kennedy

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