We lived in many different places.  We called them Houses or Facilities.  The often negative press called them “compounds”.  Moving from one place to another was called being “rotated”. I was in Synanon for 23 years and probably lived in ten different places, sometimes more than once.  I think I may have moved at least fifteen times.   Cory Beach Levy Becker

In my first year in S, starting in June 1965, I lived everywhere. I entered through the Westport, Conn. facility and after I had my hair cut and made my newly assigned bed, I was informed that I was leaving for San Francisco, to a facility called the Seawall. I spent 2 months there and in August, I was ‘rotated’ up to Tomales Bay in mid-August. Being a NYC boy, it was tough being up there with all that greenery and blue skies and I felt kind of trapped but 3 months later I was rotated to Reno, NV. Charlie hamer was the Director and we had some fun there. Frankie Lago became the director in December and in January of 1966 He rotated me to Santa Monica on a greyhound bus. When I arrived, no one knew I was coming so I had to explain to Louie Caradino on the phone where I was and that I needed to be picked up at the SM greyhound terminal.. So at this point, I had been to all of our facilities except San Diego. 3 months later, I was rotated to SD, where I stayed for more than two years. So in 46 weeks I had lived in every facility we had at that time although I didn’t get to sleep at the West[prt facility. In my mind, I have a million photographs of each but practically none that I can offer.  Bruce Tobman

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  1. The photo labeled “The Strip Fireplace” is slightly incorrect. The Strip property did not have a fireplace in the main building. The photo is from the fireplace located at the Homeplace property in Badger.

    • Hi Anonymous this is Elena (Ellen). Pretty sure that is not the HP fireplace as that was stone with antlers and other things imbedded. Cory and I both remember that copper fireplace at the Strip. I visited the years after we left and another group had occupied the building. The beautiful chandelier and fireplace were still there. What year were you at the Strip? Maybe before it was put in? Thanks for your comment

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