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Bill Lundberg

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  1. On July 4th 2013 Billy Lundberg left us with scant fanfare. According to his long-time mate, Amy, he wanted no fuss, muss, or ceremony. So in honor of his wishes, we can celebrate him on our own. Also; he went peacefully. I really have no more details. — Pierre Gaston

    A message from Bill
    What I did in Synanon: Construction

    My friends in Synanon: Andy Mason , Fraz, Lou Freiman, others of varying significance.

    I lived at the HP and Strip, worked for the old man and ran prop maint.

    When I signed up on this site, I neglected to mention Bill Farry was one of my friends. He of course whined to me in an e-mail, so,to set the record straight, Bill Farry was one of my friends.

    Phil Appelbaum and I have had an electrical business since the “Bitter End” of Synanon. For fun, I am a Repo,Man, and am building an airplane to keep myself off the streets. I have a great wife, Amy. If your alienated, lonely and just plain Fucked Up, call, I’ll be happy to listen to your story, and then tell you to go fuck yourself, just like the old days. Love Always, The Berg. 559 338 2956

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