• Celebration of Life – Margo Macartney

    Celebration of Life – Margo Macartney

    This announcement is on behalf of Margo’s partner Helise Dubnick, If you plan to attend please contact her directly at 520-366-1391. Zoom Gathering will be held as well, details to follow. If you have some writing you would like to share with Helise, please send them to  irthma@gmail.com October 8, 2023 at 2:00 pm –… Read more

  • A Poem for Margo’s Mate

    A Poem for Margo’s Mate

    The Downside of Partnering Up with Someone with a Host of Quite-Voluble Friends who Feel They are Owed a Portion of Mourning: Read more

  • Many A Blunder and Foolish Notion

    Many A Blunder and Foolish Notion

    In a land of faraway and forgotten dreams, there once was a human circle, where there were no fatal words.  All words were free to be said or unsaid. No words were held sacred or held against the sayer. Read more

  • The House of Blackwelder

    The House of Blackwelder

    And she was black. And she was beautiful. Though she was much more than that to herself, and to so many from all walks, stripes and tribes. She was Mama Lena, always, she said. Even before anyone one of us remembering her now, knew her — even when she was living “the life” on “the… Read more

  • My Wedding Night

    My Wedding Night

    I remember thinking, this is not how a girl should spend her wedding night, a girl should be with her husband in some romantic place. Read more

  • Who Knew Chester Was Drinking?

    Who Knew Chester Was Drinking?

    “What do you want me to do make a lifestyle out of proving that Chester is drinking?” Read more

  • What is a True Personal Story…

    What is a True Personal Story…

    The experience set me up to never have cold call anxiety. Read more

  • Bench Stories

    Bench Stories

    Sitting on the bench meant you were either waiting to be let in or waiting to leave. Sitting on the bench, you were Nowhere. As a psychological tool, it was pretty damn brilliant. Read more

  • Remembering Chris Benton

    Remembering Chris Benton

    I was glad to see that you had made it past your 73rd birthday. The way of the carpenter is hard on the body. With your other hardships on top of that, you did good to get so far. Read more

  • Josh Millstein

    Josh Millstein

    I tell my story; I dine out on it. I can tell you how Synanon ticked for me: It saved my life and saved most of my friends with whom I am still tight. The return on investment is unknown, unknowable and unmeasurable. Read more