The End

Former residents share thoughts about Synanon’s demise and the more confusing and cultish aspects of our tribe. This includes benign activities such as shaving our heads and the abhorrent & regrettable activities that branded us as “One of America’s most dangerous, violent cults”

The Wall is your friend …

“When Grandpa goes crazy, the family puts up a good front no matter how bad it gets till Grandpa shits on the carpet.  Even when that happens, people who are right in the middle of it can’t see it.” Geraldine Labor Jones

Was Synanon a Cult?

A transcript of part of an interview with former Synanon resident Larry Kronish David: Was Synanon a cult? Larry: It is all true you cannot cut it up in pieces and say is this true Is that true.  It’s all true, none of it is true.  The truth is complicated.…

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