Who is MKK? Back in the day when Synanon was the darling of the San Francisco art set, an amazingly talented couple joined the game club. Their names were Hap & Mary Kay Kliban. Both are renowned artists and cartoonists. Hap, who died in 1990 is also known as B. Kliban and his cartoons of cats are printed on…well just about everything. MKK is professionally known as M.K. Brown and she is still around, and her cartoons are also famous and amazing. Back around 1967, she hand-lettered this classic rendition of the Synanon Philosophy in her immaculate calligraphy.

What Synanon Got Right

Watch this space for essays on Synanon as a social movement and on the tools that helped create positive change in people.

Mixed-Race Marriage

By Margo Macartney Part #1 Denial in San Diego In 1965 I was married to John P. We had been keeping company for about a year, and we thought we could make a marriage. We were young, he a very good looking Black man from Los Angeles. We lived in California, in Synanon, a fully…

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Wendell: an Oakland story

The sight of the shoot-out had a lifelong impact on me as there were not more than three inches between bullet holes in the front side of all three buildings. The buildings were skeletal and had stood empty for more than a year. 

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The origins of The Synanon Game in a lecture by Rod Mullen of Amity House.

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