The Early Days

Lexington by Ted Dibble

From its opening in 1935, the United States Narcotic Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, epitomized the nation’s ambivalence about how to deal with drug addiction. On the one hand, it functioned as a compassionate humane hospital, an “asylum on the hill” on 1000 acres of farmland where addicts could recover from their drug habits. On the…

Reid Kimball

‘No sir, I could not do such a thing. I could no more go to the docks with you and turn tricks, than I could use a book to prop open a window”

My Interview by Margo Macartney

Admitting failure at age 26, moving in with a bunch of losers, and having quite literally no idea of where I was headed pointed to a bleak future and was frightening.

Thoughts on Synanon’s History

they couldn’t use that name because there was already a TLC Club. casting around for another name, they came up with Synanon, a mispronunciation of the word symposium or seminar, or a combination of those words used by one of the people who lived there to describe the talking circles. The word Synanon had no…

A Recipe for Clean Man Days

In addition to verbal wrestling, the game provided an outlet for frustration, pouting, self-pity and disappointment. From time to time it became a confessional.

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