There are two categories of people who chose to come to Synanon: Dope-fiends and Squares. And, many of those chose to bring their children along (including Synanon’s founder), and oddly enough many chose to birth them into Synanon. It could be the addition of children was how Synanon morphed from a “rehab” into a “lifestyle” or as we are currently branded “a cult”. Those children are all grown up now and they are filled with varying degrees of rancor, PTSD, affection, and confusion and they are telling their stories. Here are some who have graciously shared their stories with this site.

Nora Lago shares her story

Nora Lago

My Mom was handcuffed to the bed, my father was banned for sneaking drugs into her…Needless to say, I was born addicted to heroin.

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Currently in production is a film “The Synanon Kids” by Don Anderson. The Instagram account for this compelling documentary is found on instagram @synanonkids.

Zoë, Victorious!

There is a bible on the table (who knows how it got there, that sort of religion being neither taught nor encouraged ) never the less we had each taken turns putting our hand on it and swearing that we had not ripped the chair.

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