Everyone had a job

Synanon was self-supporting, relying on donations, the buying, and selling of real estate, and Synanon’s primary business, the sales of promotional advertising. Ted Dibble recounts the origins of what at one time became a twenty million dollar business.

Synanon Industries

A business illiterate, I don’t know an invoice from a purchase order or the difference between “shipped” and “delivered”. But I DO know the culture of Synanon. And I feel an innate gift for politics. Instinctively, I seem to grasp when to speak up and when to shut up, when to kiss ass and when…

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More tales of Adgap by Nanette Jordan

“Phil,” I say, “Phil, If you see something you like today while I’m in here in your office right now, can we write up an order here today now if you like something you see, uh, see something you like?”

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