One of the Quiet Ones

Kim Bres was one of the quiet ones.  The shy slender brunette from a military family was working as a dog groomer in Santa Ana when she heard about The Synanon Game Club from a college friend, in 1976.

She was going through a divorce and looking for a sense of family.  He invited her to a Saturday Night Party, and she knew instantly that she wanted in.  She found a job and apartment in Santa Monica to be closer to the action.  She was not put off by bald heads and shaved her head before she moved in, to show solidarity.

She worked in Food Service when first hired in.  She  loved learning to cook for both small groups and those as large as 300.  She enjoyed veg prep and cooking special meals for the infant program and for seniors. 

A favorite memory – making this quilt of the red barn at The Ranch.

Later, she worked in the warehouse and operated a forklift.   In 1989 she became part of the Founders staff where her skills as a seamstress were employed.  She designed and sewed Caftans for Chuck and Ginny.

She lived in Houston, The San Francisco Paint Factory, The Strip and The Home Place.

Though she was not fond of some Games,  Kim has mostly good memories.  She was intrigued by Ouija sessions when she worked the Trip.  She enjoyed a women’s backpacking trip led by Micki Hitchcock, going on a white-water rafting trip, and exploring Yosemite.  One of the best experiences was a large stitchery project with Claudine (Litwin- Shapiro= Feibusch)  This beautiful fabric depiction of the Red Barn at the Ranch, hung by the fireplace at the Home Place and now resides in the Sag Harbor home of Josh and Sande Millstein.

In the hot tub at the Homeplace.

Craig Neilson is the friend who encouraged Kim to come to Synanon.

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