The Early Days In Photos

It seemed so much simpler then

In no particular order: before Overalls, Bald Heads, Life Stylers, The Wire, Square Game Players, The Academy, Flies, No Smoking, No graduates, Booze, Salaries, Dinosaurs, Gracious Dining, Stews, Trips, Syna-Cruiser, The Gallery, The Delmar Club, Snakes, Imperial Marines, religion.

4 responses to “The Early Days In Photos”

  1. Vicki Stephenson Avatar
    Vicki Stephenson

    Love these….

  2. Wow, those were the days! So many faces, that I never forget!
    Thankyou everyone for being an important part of my life!

    1. Bud,
      Keep coming back, there are more to come!
      Long live the Seawall

  3. Cordelia Becker Avatar
    Cordelia Becker

    These photos are great. I wish I would have been there at the beginning. Unfortunately I was only ten.

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