CBS series – Cassidy Arkin

Executive Producer

I am the daughter of Synanon members Ed Arkin and Sandy Arkin Rogers-Hare, born in 1974 and raised in the Hatchery and Synanon School. My mother and I left Synanon in 1980.   I have kept Synanon and the magic of what it was to me in my heart.

I wrote a book about it with the help of my mother which chronicles our journey both in and out of Synanon. It is called “Little Brown Girl”

CBS is producing a four-part series based on our book with a talented team of professionals and Synanon members.

We seek : Photos, music, video, journals, notebooks, AdGap products, artwork, and any artifacts that help tell this collective story.  Please contact me:

Thank you, Cassidy

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  1. All I have is a copy of the Synanon Philosophy and I think a silk screen Dian and I did (if I can find the print).

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