Photos by Jim Law

I was born in Ireland in 1946. I emigrated to the UK, then Canada. I showed up in the Oakland house, in March 1969. I was a 1A Psychology student and became interested in how to help people on drugs when it became apparent the doctor I was staying with was addicted to speed. I was a twenty-three-year-old kid that saw Synanon as doing something about many of the things that my generation was talking about. It offered an antidote to racism, loneliness, and disintegration that the politics of the time epitomized. I had nothing to offer Synanon until I became a journeyman house painter in San Francisco. At that point, I was offered a job in Synanon which was expanding fast. I married (twice) and gained a great stepson. I worked in many mid-management jobs in Synanon until it collapsed in 1990. Taking pictures was my lazy way of keeping a diary. Subsequent to Synanon I learned to sell promotional services and with my wife Dian, who did glorious art, and had a promotion business.

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  1. Wonderful photos! So many beloved people. Thank you for sharing, Jim.

  2. Janet Best Dart Avatar

    Wonderful photos. Thank you for posting those, Jim. It’s funny our lives never crossed… I, too, joined the Oakland Game Club in 1969 but didn’t move in until 1971. I’m happy that our lives have crossed now.

  3. Thanks for this. Most of this gang stayed on beyond my stage strut. Interesting recombinations of love lifes , and of course your loving photos of Dian.

  4. Thanks for sharing your Diary Jim. Lovely collection. Lovely group of people.

  5. Wonderful photos, wonderful memories.

  6. Thank you Jim for this beautiful ‘lazy’ diary which is not only historically significant but so full of love that I enjoyed each picture, face, and memory. What a gift you are.

  7. Thanks, Jim. Your diary records so much and there is so much it does not record.
    I enjoyed especially photos of folks I knew long ago.
    best to you, David Gerstel

  8. Thanks Jim, Great diary, Best to you, Don Litwin

  9. Photography captures and preserves our memories – it is an art form with the capacity to make love visible! So many gone but held forever in love – to name a few: Glenda, Stuart, Dian, Ed, Alice, Barry, Billy, Chris, Glenn, Harvey, Leon, Karen, Shan, Sheryl, Sid, Valerie, Macyl….beautiful Graham! Thank you for the love beam, Jim. xoxo

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